Displaying the Contents of this Site

Obtaining Fonts

The special signs used on this site are set to be viewed with one of the TrueType fonts "Arial Unicode MS", "TITUS Cyberbit Basic" or "Thryomanes Normal". The first one is a Microsoft product that originally shipped with Microsoft Office 2000 Service Pack 1. It used to be a free download, but the policy on this matter has changed.

Therefore the second choice may be more attractive to some users. "TITUS Cyberbit Basic" was developed by Bitstream in cooperation with the academic TITUS project. After registrating one can download the 900 KB sized file for private use.

As a third choice one could resort to "Thryomanes Normal", likewise freely downloadable. It is an open source product that has its deficiencies, but the size of the download is only 98 KB.

However, the order of the font choices is intentional and we recommand using the "Arial Unicode MS" font for viewing this site. We must sadly admit that none of these fonts is perfect, especially when combining diacritics come into play.

Installing them

Experimenting with the Display

Users who want to determine for themselves which font offers the best viewing should first install all three of them. Then they can uninstall the font(s) whose position number in the order (1) "Arial Unicode MS"; (2) "TITUS Cyberbit Basic"; (3) "Thryomanes Normal" is lower than the one for the font they want to view the site with.

The display quality can also be altered by changing the font size in your browser settings. This is especially true for characters modified by one or more diacritical signs.

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The Dictionary

The basic principle governing the organisation of the dictionary is ease of retrieval of a given form. This is achieved by offering multiple searching possibilities. Any word can be accessed by its standard Resian or by its dialectal form. Furthermore, every alternant stem form is included in the search lists. For instance, along gözd also gozd- and guzd are given. The stem form ending in “-” cannot occur without a following desinence. Those less acquainted with the exact Resian forms can use the standard Slovene form or the translation as a search key.

Information Structure

Apart from the orthographic and morphonologic information provided the following can be found:

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