Resia 1849

... is for everyone seriously interested in the Resian dialect, spoken in the Resia valley in northeastern Italy. The site holds a collection of studies on and texts in Resian and a dictionary.

Studies on Resian

These studies are mostly difficult to obtain in their original printed form. The electronic publication contains the complete text and can be used for quoting. The original formats have been slightly changed for the sake of uniformity.

Texts in Resian

This text corpus spans the whole gamut of written Resian. For the time being it can only be accessed in HTML format.

Resian Dictionary

This is a modest dictionary of standard Resian, with due regard to the dialects. It’s purpose is mainly orthographical, but a minimum of semantic information is given as well. The dictionary is an official research project at Padova University funded by the programme “MURST ex 60%”.


The Latin term “Resianica” has been introduced by Willem Vermeer, but has never reached the public domain. He used it in the English version of an article that only appeared in Slovene translation. In this Slovene version the term is rendered as “literatur/a/ o rezijanščini”, that is, “literature on Resian” (“Rekonstruiranje razvoja samoglasniških sestavov v rezijanskih govorih”, Slavistična revija 35/3, 1987, p. 242).

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